Is the person filing for you fighting for you!?

I believe education and relatable representation are a must.

Personal Taxes

from $24.95/ mth for 1 year

Personal & Business Taxes

from $24.95/ mth for 1 year

I’ve created my subscription based model because of a lack of both reasonably priced professional representation and accessibility to professional representation. I’m excited to be able to enhance your financial well-being, and help you create generational wealth.


Personal Taxes

$24.95 per month

Planing My Hustle

$37.50 per month

Hustle Coming Soon

Personal & Business Taxes

$74.95 per month

Everyday I’m Hustling

$131.25 per month

I Hustle Hard

$229.95 per month

You Can’t Knock My Hustle

$339.95 per month

I Hustle Like A Boss

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Sam Smith

Gumbo Cooker

Walk Out Bail Bonds

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